Reliable and resilient network solutions for trackside systems

Trackside applications need data communication networks with an extremely high availability. As well as mechanical robustness the products must be resilient, secure and capable of supporting legacy protocols. The Westermo WeOS operating system, that drives our Redfox, Lynx, Wolverine and Viper families of products, has been developed by Westermo to ensure reliability and also provide a future proof solution.

Different types of trackside applications

Westermo have many years of experience in both data communication technologies and trackside applications. Westermo can provide robust and versatile solutions for non-safety systems such as emergency phones, video surveillance, point heates and more as well as safty systems such as interlocking/signalling systems, train detection systems and more.


Resilient trackside network

The Westermo FRNT ring protocol can be used to create a reliable ring solution that can provide ultra fast fail-over even in very large networks. This is particulary important in trackside networks as robust and reliable data communication is vital in order to mantain effective and secure traffic flow.

John Pavlos

Sales, Westermo North America

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