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Reliable & versatile train networks

The use of IP technology has become the standard, over the last few years, for creating the data communication backbone used by the Train Control Management Systems (TCMS), Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Infotainment Systems on trains. Robust Ethernet switches featuring a range of IP networking protocols are being used to build these networks which now are absolutely critical to the operation of the train.

As more and more different types of equipment are connected to these networks the need for more ports and capacity is created on the switches. More equipment also means that more cables need to be installed both power and data. PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is the ideal solution to this issue where end devices can be powered through the network cable resulting in significant cost and space savings.

Westermo can provide an extensive range of network devices that can be used to create reliable solutions for many different applications on board trains.


The Ethernet train

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More ports, less cabling and greater capacity

The Viper series includes extremely compact 12 and 20 port variants with or without PoE and up to five gigabit ports allowing solutions for Wi-Fi access points, bandwith hungry applications such as video recording and lightning fast failover ring networks.

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Automatic network configuration

Westermo has developed solutions to problems that are specific to the train market. Train inauguration is a process where the network can automatically reconfigure as carriages are joined or rearranged. The TTDP (Train Topology Detection Protocol) in the RedFox Rail backbone router allows this reconfiguration meaning that networking skills do not have to be taught the operations staff of the train operating company.

Train backbone router

Wireless solutions for trains

Remove the need for network cables. Robust and reliable EN 50155 approved wireless solutions allowing communications between the moving train and the ground, wireless communication between railway carriages and Internet access for passengers.

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Network solutions for trains

The demands on the intelligence of the network are constantly increasing. Westermo has, through its many years in the data communications industry in general and in the train networks business in particular, developed a unique know-how about demands and solutions for the train networks market.

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