Amsterdam traffic control room.

Westermo networking technology connects smart traffic systems throughout Amsterdam

26 augusti, 2019

Learn how advanced Ethernet switching and routing technology from Westermo support the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) managing the busy streets of the Dutch capital.

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Westermo acquires Neratec.

Westermo förvärvar det schweiziska bolaget Neratec

08 juli, 2019

Westermo har idag förvärvat 100 % av det schweiziska bolaget Neratec Solutions AG, ett teknologiföretag specialiserat på trådlösa nätverksprodukter med starkt fokus på tillförlitliga och robusta kommunikationslösningar för tåg och järnvägsinfrastruktur.

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Electricity North West engineers using WeConfig network configuration tool.

Enhancing cybersecurity and reducing lifecycle costs for electrical distribution system

14 juni, 2019

Westermo has helped Electricity North West in the United Kingdom to enhance cybersecurity and reduce the lifecycle costs of a data communications network which supports the electricity distribution network in the North West region.

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Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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