Webinar: Copper as an alternative to fibre

  • Use old or pre-existing copper cables
  • Save time and money
  • Made easy configuration

Join us Tuesday, October 2nd at 09:00 or 15:00 CEST
09.00 CEST = 8.00 am London, 11.00 am Abu Dhabi, 3.00 pm Singapore, 5.00 pm Sydney
15.00 CEST = 7.00 am Chicago, 2.00 pm London, 8.00 pm Singapore, 10.00 pm Sydney

Westermo’s series of Ethernet line extenders uses SHDSL technology to establish high-speed connections between Ethernet networks using any existing copper cables. This can enable considerable cost and time savings to be made when installing new systems where in the past the only option would have been fibre.

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Bo Jansson, Westermo.

Host: Bo Jansson

The Webinar is presented by Bo Jansson, Product Manager Network products. Bo has 40 years experience from data communications in industrial environments and has been product manager for network products at Westermo since 2003. Bo has extensive knowledge of product design for use in harsh environments.

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Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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