EN 50155 Managed Gbps PoE Routing Switch



✓ Compact 20 port switch, approved for rolling stock

• 4 Gbps + 16 x 100 Mbps, whereof 8 PoE ports
• IEEE 802.3af/at (PoE/PoE+)

✓ Designed and built for extreme operational environments

• Robustness-enhancing design features
• Extensive range of approvals, by IEC/ISO 17025 certified laboratories
• Quality-focused engineering and production located in Sweden

✓ Powered by WeOS, Westermo's proven network operating system

• Strong set of protocols and functions, including layer 3 routing, DHCP (server and client) and VRRP
• High level cyber security
• Easy to use


The Viper-220A-T4G-P8-LV is a managed 20 port routing switch optimised for the needs of the railway rolling stock market. PoE ports offer effective powering of end-devices. Gbps ports cope with high bandwidth devices such as access points and NVRs (Network Video Recorders).

The Viper is designed to withstand the tough environment on-board trains, exposing the switch to constant vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and a demanding electrical environment.

A GORE-TEX® membrane prevents internal condensation. Threading integrated in chassis provides for additional vibration resistance. High-level isolation between all interfaces enables direct connectivity to vehicle auxiliary power and protects against overvoltage and flashover. IP67 protection prevents ingress of water and dust. An overall optimised design results in an extremely compact package in combination with very high MTBF for easy integration and low lifecycle cost.

Thorough type testing at independent ISO/IEC 17025 and ILAC MRA certified labs, accredited to a wide range of standards, show that the Viper series fulfills EN 50155 and other requirements. The state-of-the-art Westermo production facility ensures the quality of each individual unit, e.g. through temperature cycling burn-in testing.

The WeOS operating system offers an extensive suite of IP networking features for resilient and flexible networks, e.g. the FRNT ring protocol with very fast failover on 100 Mbps ports as well as Gbps ports. The powerful layer 3 routing capability is very useful for separating networks in complex applications. The backup device accessory matches the Viper in robustness and offers easy configuration update and backup.

Meeting the requirements of the railcar market, the Viper is very well suited for deployment in any other application with severe operating conditions and tough environments, for instance in the mining industry.

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Teknisk specifikation

EN 50155 Managed Gbps PoE Routing Switch
4 x Gbps ports, whereof 2 PoE
16 x 100 Mbps ports, whereof 6 PoE
1 x USB
1 x RS-232 console port

Mikael Jidenius

Sales, Trains and Trackside

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