Good diagnostics for reliable networks

In most industrial control networks, reliability is critical. Even a brief network outage can become more than an annoyance as production could be disrupted. By monitoring and analyzing diagnostic data, network instabilities can be identified and addressed before causing any real problems. WeConfig provides important diagnostics data in a simple and visual format. Quick and easy access to network details is crucial in maintaining reliable networks.


  • Advanced diagnostic SHDSL SNR tracking
  • Link up Link down indication
  • Per port statistics
  • FRNT status
  • Link information quick view
  • SNMP traps
  • Alarm and even monitoring
  • Temperature device and SFP (DDM)
  • Memory usage per device
  • Uptime per device

Instant network visualization

The network topology map in WeConfig gives an immediate visual status overview. An unavailable device or link is highlighted and the location of a problem will be visible instantly. WeConfig provides diagnostic data that makes it easy to perform in depth troubleshooting and pinpoint the source of a problem.

The video shows how simple a FRNT ring topology is created and how WeConfig displays the network topology.

Complete network information at the click of a button

Not only will the Tech Support button extract all log and configuration files, a snapshot of the device status is also produced. The status information includes the forwarding database, active connections, RMON counters, memory status, device temperature, physical port status among many other things. This can save an incredible amount of time when troubleshooting.

Simple cable testing

The Wolverine Ethernet extender products can be used to form a network from old cables. Reusing existing cables can mean that big cost and time savings can be achieved. WeConfig can be used to determine the quality of the cables to help find the best possible solution.

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Video tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to see just how simple and fast configuration tasks can be acheived.

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